I want to get a bumper sticker that says "Honk if you think I am doing an excellant job driving." Then I can cut people off and they won't know what to do.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of NewAge! NewAge isn't just an online game, it is an entire community full of friendly players and staff. In NewAge, we don't treat our players like an income source. You never are forced to pay. This is a free game, and it is constantly being updated with the newest technology.
Players are a valid source of suggestions and a large percentage of player's suggestions have been added. This game is highly moldable into the shape you wish it to be. With many different options, we're sure you'll be playing NewAge for months--and years to come!

You have probably never played a game like NewAge. NewAge is technically a text-based RPG. This entails that you see your statistics in a text environment. However, the newest version of NewAge uses a matrix of over 4,000,000 spaces that you can create a graphical base on. These outposts can grow into massive trade centers, or perhaps you would like to create a war empire. There are over 5,000 planets with a 30*30 unit land mass on each one. This massive amount of space ensures that you will never run out of space. Should you take up your entire planet, you can war against others for their land!

NewAge is a browser based online game. This is to say, you do not have to download anything to play this game. You can even go to a different computer and log in by just going to the site! This makes NewAge one of the most versitile graphical games on the internet.

NewAge is an endless struggle for survival, and you are caught in the middle.

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