[Berawler] Is there any sanity or light left in this shrivelled husk of a world?
[SingingDancingMoose] There was, but we had to trade it in for the internet.
[Berawler] That is quite possibly the best response to any question ever.
      - bash
Game rules

Comprehensive, overview rules for everyone

1) Rules are but a guideline, anyone caught trying to be clever or witty to get around the technicality of the rules will be punished anyway.
2) Demon is the supreme last word. Anything he says goes, regardless of any rules.
3) Demon is exempt from all rules.
4) Most rules do not apply to managers.
5) If any player ever threatens legal action to Wolf Software, NewAge, or Brett Luckabaugh, their account will be removed, and their IP banned. They also forfeit any rights given by VIP.
6) Anyone found bringing Newage or Wolf Software into disrepute, for example hacking another game or spamming advertisements on other forums may face deletion. Newage is a business and cannot be held responsible for the actions of its players.

In-game rules for players

1) Players will always respect game staff. This means no sass and don't tell staff how to do their jobs.
2) Players will never discriminate against any type of race, sex or religion, or staff in any way.
3) Players are not to have offensive names, or names that impersonate staff names.
4) Macros can never be used for any purpose that would give your character any kind of advantage over another character. Macros are currently only allowed for character backup purposes.
5) Players will not attempt to hack the game in any way for maligning purposes. The FBI/Agency of respective country will be called.
6) Players will not abuse bugs. Rewards may be given to those who find bugs. If you are found to be abusing a bug, this will result in a punishment determined by the staff and possibly players of the game.
7) Keep in mind that all accounts are property of NewAge, and can be edited or removed at any time for no apparent reason.
8) Players cannot receive any game items, including currency, from any player that is quitting or deleting their account. If the item previous mentioned is in a trade, the trade must be deemed of appropriate values by the Market Patrol.
9) The selling of accounts or in-game currency and items for real money or game money is strictly illegal. All accounts in the transactions will be deleted.
10) Players are allowed one account only. Any player found with more than one account will have all accounts deleted.
11) Any unwanted sexual advances towards any other player in this game is an absolute NO, any players which we receive a valid complaint from/about will have their i-mailing rights revoked and in extreme cases will be deleted from the game. We cannot tolerate this.
12) If a player is to leave the game for a time, without wanting to delete their account, for over three (3) days, that player must use the Account Freeze option located in Sector 5.
13) No unwanted harassing of other players in any media will be tolerated.
14) There is to be no changing of one's account that would give that player an unfair advantage over normal players. In layman's terms, no "hacking".
15) Severe slander/libel and/or bashing and insulting in a non-joking manner is not encouraged. Extreme cases will be harshly punished.
16) If there are two accounts with the same ip trading with one another, they will be considered multis regardless of whether or not they are separate people.
Definitions of Multis:
A) A player that has traded on the same I.P. You can disallow sending of items to your account from the same I.P. in account settings.
B) A player that is identical to 3 or more accounts (you know what I am Talking about)
C) A player that has matching players in a clan, donating and "Gold Coin Laundering", this is considered multi farming. If a leader or staff of the clan is involved, Clans would be punished by a clean wipe of the treasury. [Clans are protected however if I am informed of this happening]
D) Babysat accounts(players watching another players accounts) Any SF battling besides protection will be deemed as cheating. This is not a deletion, it will be an automatic account freeze for no less than 2 weeks. Registered Husband and Wife Teams are exempt from this rule.
E) Anyone AvisCowboy Deems fit as a Multi
If an account is deleted due to being a multi, you can contest the decision by either I-Mailing Avis or e-mailing Demon at webmaster@wolfz.com
17) Player referals for chips are for new users only. Any user found abusing player referals will be treated as a multi.
18) By playing NewAge, you release Wolf Software and it's owners and directors from any liability for anything that may happen in-game.
19) Do not threaten to harm the game in any way; this includes legal action.
20) Do not assume to tell the staff how to do their job. If you don't like it, so sorry, there's plenty of other staff who you may like.
21) Players cannot bribe or pay other players into breaking any of the game rules.
22) Scams are legal except when dealing with clans and VIP payments. If you are paid for selling a clan, and you are leader, your leadership right will be revoked. If your clan has dual leadership and you cannot sell the clan legally, then punishment will commence as usual. If you are promising VIP for in-game currency trading and you do not follow through, you will have that currency that was sent to you revoked. To simplify this rule, almost anything that cannot be sent in a private trade is typically not something you want to scam.
23) Framing or reporting a player to staff for breaking game rules when known that the player is innocent is strictly illegal.
24) You may not steal from a clan if given a rank of co-leader or less. Leaders, as owners of a clan, may still do whatever they wish with their clan. Stealing can be loosely defined as taking currency or items from a clan with the purpose of taking those funds for personal use (in extreme cases) or for another clan.
 24-a) Decision of what is defined as stealing may be left up to the staff handling the incident.
24-b) Upon donating anything to your clan, you forfeit all rights to those items or currency. "Taking back" this currency may be construed as stealing.
25) Do not purposefully spam any form of communication or in-game news.

Any violation of these rules will result in the deletion or jailing of the player. VIP packages will not be refunded should this occur. Further violations will result in an IP banning of the game.

Message board and communication rules (includes general chat guidelines)

[size=3]1) Spamming, flooding, or posting the same post in multiple forums is not allowed. No all caps posts.[/]
2) No advertising or buying/selling accounts for any other game is allowed. This does not include links for discussion purposes.
3) No complaining about fines, bans, or your messages being deleted.
4) Please limit profanity, the only board in which you should ever swear in is the rants board. Please bear in mind that there are children playing this game as well as adults.
5) Posting of pornographic/obscene websites in the message boards is strictly forbidden, anyone who does this will have their posts deleted and an editor will ban them.
6) Racism, sexism, and anything else that falls under this sort of category will not be tolerated in the forums, or through I-mails.
7) The NewTML scripts should never be used to accuse someone of cheating, or to alienate someone who would otherwise not know the purpose for the script.
8) Excessive flaming, or personal attacks that are horribly innapropriate against staff & players are not permitted on the message boards, if you have a complaint, please I-mail Saint (id 2)
9) A message board admins word is final, forum staff will treat you with respect at all times and expect the same in return, if you feel you have been treated un-fairly, please I-mail Saint (id 2)
10) No off-topic posting, please keep your posts relevant to the forum you are posting in, for example; game bugs go on the bug forum, not the general forum.
11) Do not abuse/mass-post with the image tag.
12) Nude or innapropriate images are not allowed.
13) If a player insults (even jokingly) or in otherwise demeans a staff member; should that staff member (even jokingly) insult or otherwise demean that player; that player may not report that staff member for misconduct, or otherwise be punished. This works in reverse, as well.
14) If someone is to post for someone banned from the forums, they may be subject to up to same sentence as the one they are aiding.
15) Posting spacial field coordinates or clan and personal analize information in the public boards is prohibited. This does not include clan boards and imails. Posting your own cordinates or a leader posting their own clan analize information is perfectly fine, however.
16) Sig rules: The max width can't be greater than 460, and the entire height of the signature should be no more than 400 pixels. Limit the size of images in your sig to 75 KB. The most images you should have is 3 outside images (while this isn't a strict 3 image-limit, it is a good guideline to suggest that you should limit your images. If it takes too long to load, you will be asked to change your sig). Images from NewAge do not count towards this limit (ie: smilies, icons, etc). Do not use many flashing images; mild flashing images are ok.
17) Players may not report other players for sending offensive imails if the reporter has also sent offensive imails back to that player. Players reporting other players for offensive imails when they have broken game rules themselves can be given the same punishment or more than the player they reported.
18) Each forum may have its own set of rules. Read topped posts that have to do with the forum and follow the rules therein.

Violation of any of these rules by players can result in jail, fines, banning, or deletion of the player.

In-game rules for staff

1) Staff will treat players and other staff with respect.
2) Staff will never edit any player without valid reason.
3) Staff besides the owner cannot accept payment for any type of 'game favor'.
4) Staff will never give any type of game help for favors.
5) Staff will give a manager valid reason for deleting players.
6) Staff will report directly to a game manager if there is a dispute with another staff. Editors report directly to managers.
7) Editors still play the game, therefore they will not get any special game perks unless management decides it is OK first.
8) High Level staff do not have to explain disciplinary actions to players. Their word is final.
9) Fines for inappropriate posts cannot go above 5% of the account's total funds unless it is a repeat offence. This rule is void if the amount of the fine is 1,000 gc or less.
10) If a staff owns a clan, they can only own one clan, and can never create another clan. The staff member cannot edit their clan's treasury or buildings either.
11) If a staff member is in a clan, they cannot enter other clans for the purpose of obtaining information about the other clan that would not otherwise be accessible. Staff members cannot share any clan information with the rest of their clan.
12) Any staff besides a manager that edits these game rules without permission from a manager will have their staff position perminately terminated.
13) No staff are to be able to make their own rules at any time, or bypass any of these rules unless they go through the proper procedure to change the game rules.
14) No staff shall test any part of the game with another player if that testing could harm the player's gameplay.
15) Staff members will not un-do other staff members - chat bans, forum bans, jail time, IP bans, forum fines or any other form of punishment without receiving authorization to do so from a game manager, or notification to the staff member that no game rules were broken, and therefore the ban, jail time, etc was invalid.
16) Staff will not use thier powers to post in forums or communicate via imails as another player. This also includes editing posts to distort or change meaning without making it clear who means what.

Violation of these rules by staff can result in the removal of the stat, and/or the deletion of the staff.

Clan regulations and guidelines

1) No flooding player accounts with invites.
2) No flooding other clans with relation news.
3) No hiding illegal money in clan treasuries.
6) Clans may be held responsible for the actions of their members.
  6-1) A member stealing from one clan and joining another may result in clan funds being seized to cover that debt.
   6-1-1) This is typically only with cases in which the offending party is or was clan staff.
  6-2) Anyone in a High clan leadership position caught multi farming may subject the clan for deletion.
7) Clan App pages and clan boards have to follow the forum posting rules.
8) Players and staff can only posess/own one clan at a time.
9) A Leader is considered a clan owner. This means that a leader can demote/sell the clan at any time for any reason, even if there are more than one leader.
10) In the event that a clan is sold to two seperate people, it will be the duty of those who received currency to refund it to the purchasers. The clan can then be purchased between the buyers for the buyer who offers the most gc. The difference of the initial purchase price and the final amount may go to the game for moderation fees.

Violation of these regulations and guidelines will most likely get your clan fined, and at the worst, taken over/deleted.

Chat rules for all accounts

1) No racism, religionist, or sexist comments of any sort are permitted in chat.
2) No arguments that prove disruptive to chat will be permitted, the current active op will judge if an argument becomes too disruptive.
3) No Posting over 6 Lines of text at one time, or posting the same sentence or phrase over and over, this will be considered spam.
4) No scripts permitted, except standard MIRC functions. Especially no on-join comments, auto responders or annoying images.
5) Considering NA is aimed at a more mature audience, Swearing to a degree will be tolerated in chat, this is entirely at the current chat ops discretion and they may ask you to stop at anytime.
6) Always show the respect to other chatters that you would like shown to you, this also applies to how you treat ops, anyone harassing other chatters will be warned and then removed from chat
7) If a chatter constantly disrupts chat, and receives more than 5 bans in the space of one week, they will be added to the akick list
8) Ops decisions are final, please respect their judgments at all times.
9) Like the message boards, it is forbidden to post outpost coordinates or other game information such an analize results in #newage. This does not apply to private channels and PM's.

General Guidelines

1) NewAge is not responsible for any trades dealing with real life possessions. Any such trades are done at the players own risk.
2) NewAge is not responsible for any problems resulting in clan members not returning loans or items if they are kicked out or leave or go inactive from the clan. Any loans are done at the clans risk. For clarification, a loan is something given by clan staff to clan non-staff members. For instance, a co-leader sending another co-leader items is not considered a loan.
3) Clans are held responsible for their members actions. If a clan member is found to be violating game rules at the benefit of the clan, the clan will be punished along with the member.
4) Newage is not responsible if a clan member abuses the power given to them by the clan. This rule is trumped by any rules specifically forbidding clan staff from performing certain actions.
5) If a player has a problem about the market stand they are to imail the admin in charge of the market to discuss it, they are not to post about it or talk about it in chat. Failure to abide with this can result in disiplinary actions.
6) Don't bring the game or its management or players into disrepute online or offline.

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